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Company Profile

Company name

Beppu Onsen Co., Ltd.

head office

Beppu City Station Omimoto Town, Oita Prefecture 3-5


10 million yen


CEO, Aoyama, Negotiate


135 people

Business contents

Hotel, Ryokan management, Other rental buildings, Parking management


○Business hotel (4 places in Beppu Station of Beppu Station)
HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU, Beppu Station Hotel, Beppu Ekimae Hotel Hayashi, Hotel Star
○Ryokan (2 locations in Beppu City Kitahama)
Warm weather, Kiyosha, , , Seaside Hotel Mimatsu, Oyotei
○Rental building
Beppu Station commercial building, Daiichi Yamaso, Daiyama Koso (available as an employee dormitory)
Beppu Station another Beppu Station 2 owned building
Kitahama Central Parking, others 10 parking garages total for each hotel

Beppu Onsen Co., Ltd.


Heisei era 2005, March

Hotel New Hayashi acquired, renewed as Beppu Station Hotel later

Heisei era 2006, May

HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU, Get, Commence business

Heisei era 2006, September

Acquire Beppu Ekimae Hotel Hayashi, start business

Heisei 20, July

From the former corporation (head office in Tokyo), it is headquartered in Beppu city ​​as an independent Beppu Onsen hotel

Heisei 27, July

Warm weather, Kiyosha, Get, Commence business
Acquisition of Tsurui castle ruins site, as Kitahama central parking (900 m2) started business

October, Heisei 20

HOTEL SEAWAVE BEPPU, Hot spring building completed

Heisei 28, April

Seaside Hotel Mimatsu, Oyotei, Get, Commence business

November, Heisei 28

Hotel Star, Commence business(Beppu Station Hotel West Building)